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About Us

Eljoun International Medical Company in envisioned to become known as “Customer Obsessed”
health care organization promoting the customer focused service approach and patient centered
care model of healthcare delivery.
Eljoun International Medical Company establishes and develops various facilities and organizations
that are engaged in customer-focused making customers the number one and special partners;
establishing rapport with them; understanding their needs and wants; and providing the service
that is most responsive to their needs, in addition to meeting and exceeding their health care
expectations for a wholesome total health care experience.
Eljoun International Medical Company is dedicated to build and create health facilities with
resources, capabilities, and competencies to deliver health care that is respectful of and responsive
to individual patient preferences, needs and values as well as include them and their families as
part of the health care team that collaborate all together in making decisions for their treatment
plans. Eljoun International Medical Company recognizes the importance of the family members as
partners of professional health care providers working together to meet the patients’ needs and
more so as their great source of strength, support and well being.
Eljoun International Medical Company will always seek opportunities of improvement by taking
in consideration our customers’ feedback and suggestions. We count on our customers as our
partners in enhancing our healthcare services.
Our company is determined to continually grow to be a high-quality healthcare provider and one
that our customers return to if healthcare need arises again.
We welcome everyone to our facilities and we strive to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations
aiming to make your visit to us a remarkable healthcare experience and ensuring that we shall
continue to be your preferable health care provider.
Eljoun International Medical Company strives to provide its professional expertise in the health
care field through acquisitioning, managing and operating upcoming hospitals and health care
facilities in the Middle East and North Africa – MENA Region.
Dr. Adnan Abdulkareem Aledan, MD
Chairman of the Board
Eljoun International Medical Company


Eljoun International Medical Company was established on 2006 by a group of investors envisioned to establish, own and operate various healthcare facilities ranging from secondary