Dr. Adnan Abdulkareem Aledan, MD Chairman of the Board

Eljoun International Medical Company in envisioned to become known as “Customer Obsessed” health care organization promoting the customer focused service approach and patient centered care model of healthcare delivery.

Eljoun International Medical Company establishes and develops various facilities and organizations that are engaged in customer-focused making customers the number one and special partners; establishing rapport with them; understanding their needs and wants; and providing the service that is most responsive to their needs, in addition to meeting and exceeding their health care expectations for a wholesome total health care experience.



El Joun International Medical Company,
Hawalli, Beirut Street,
Behind Petrol Station,
Tel: +965 22666211
Fax: +965 22658665
Email: eljoun@eljoun.com

Working Hours:
Outpatient Clinic:
Saturday to Thursday
Morning: 09:00 AM till 01:00 PM
Evening: 05:00 PM till 09:00 PM